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We are a team of Chartered Accountants(C.A), Chartered Financial Analysts (C.F.A.) and Investment Bankers offering unbiased and transparent financial planning services in Mumbai. Call us today at +91-9819269225 to know more about our services!

Comprehensive Financial Planning Services

The Financialist is an Unbiased Financial Advisory service located in Mumbai.

No-commission. No-Brokerage.

We provide fee-only wealth advice –financial planning, investment advice, tax planning, insurance planning, and estate planning.

Eminent Financial Advisory

Our Qualified Finance Professionals use proven investment strategies to achieve the returns you need at selected risk tolerance. We focus on creating a roadmap of your journey to wealth creation.

Your goals are personal and your financial advice should be too.

Goal-Based Financial Planning

At The Financialist, a dedicated financial consultant reviews your risk profiling test and defines your risk appetite. Afterwards, your financial health is also diagnosed, and finally, your goals are analyzed.

Based on this process, we formulate an ideal asset allocation, which will help diversify in multiple asset classes as per your Risk Appetite.


Financial Literacy

A better understanding of financial markets will enable you to make informed and effective decisions with all your financial matters.

We make sure that our clients understand the ‘why’ of what we are doing.

It helps you make confident investments.

Unbiased Financial Advisory


Insurance Planning

Each individual’s insurance needs and requirements are different from that of the others. Our independent financial planners take the time to get to know our customers on an individual basis so that we truly understand their insurance needs and get the right protection.

Retirement Planning

To achieve your desired retirement lifestyle, we identify your financial requirements, estimate your expenses, and use sound financial planning decisions, proven investment strategies, and proper asset allocation in new investment avenues.

Investment Planning

Each financial portfolio is optimized according to investment amount and investment duration. As per the financial market conditions, risk mitigation ensures accurate performance projections and achievement of projected returns.

Financial Soundness

We identify strengths and vulnerabilities in your current financial situation and accordingly devise a truly personalized roadmap to financial freedom. Calculate Your Financial Here.

Debt Optimisation

If you carry a lot of debt through credit cards, home loans, education loans, car loans, or, all of the above, debt optimisation is necessary to improve your financial health. We also ensure the best payoff terms and the lowest rate of interest.

Tax Planning

Tax Planning helps you to smartly minimise the amount of income tax payable and hence have more savings. These savings can be invested further for future financial security. All elements of our comprehensive financial plan work in the most tax-efficient manner.

Our Mission Is to Build the Foundation of a Secure Future

Financial planning services in mumbai

Your Personal Thinktank With A financial team Of Chartered Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts, and Investment Bankers.

Without a Hefty Retainer!


We are a startup dedicated to comprehensive professional financial planning services in Mumbai.

Catering to individuals and organizations alike, our financial consultants enrich lives by implementing the best principles and practices from the financial planning industry.

Through us, you get an honest situational analysis of your financial planning needs. Hence our certified financial planners can devise a more effective financial plan to reach investment objectives through diverse investment avenues.

The Financialist Is A Friendly Guide To Steer You In The Right Direction And Assist With Your Most Critical Life Goals.

Welcome To A Brand New Phase Of Life!

Our Approach

  •  Consistency: 

    It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life, especially when you’re balancing a career, marriage, kids, and hopefully some time for hobbies.

    A thorough and consistent review of your personalized financial Plan keeps your money woes at bay.

  • Accountability: 

    What good is a financial plan full of action items if you don’t implement it? Your dedicated personal financial planner will hold you accountable and avoid potential loss of opportunity.

  • Pragmatism:

    Financial education helps people become self-sufficient and achieve financial stability.

    We enable you to make informed and effective decisions with all your financial matters.

  • Learning:

    Learning is a part of the process of working with a financial planning company.

    By learning more about financial markets, you will become more comfortable with why a financial advisor is making a specific recommendation, and our financial consultant also helps you in exploring different investment avenues.

Meet Our Experts

CA Priyank Shah

CA Priyank Shah

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

CA Vatsal Majithia

CA Vatsal Majithia

Chief Investment Officer & Co-founder

Our Philosophy

To maintain integrity, we have a zero-commission policy. We do not earn any commission from products and services suggested. Instead, the benefit is passed on to you. 

Therefore, if you decide to join The Financialist family, you get a special discount for our partners’ products or services.

Our Focus

To provide a highly personalized, step-by-step financial roadmap to individuals and organizations looking to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Pay off debt
  • Save For Emergencies.


Indians Have Less Than Rs.5,000/- As Emergency Fund.

-Trading Q&A


Hi, I am Dr Libin, Physiotherapist by profession and currently working at Kohinoor hospital.

I was so much worried about my financial management till I met with this wonderful guy, Priyank Shah.

At the very first day only he assessed my income and expenses and later on with the report.

When I saw that report, I was shocked because he had done it very wisely that I could not even think about the savings that I can save at the end of one year. Immediately I called him and took a one-year subscription, and now I am feeling much more confident about my finances. I highly recommend him.

Financial Resources

Expert Sessions.

We believe that it is imperative and obligatory for a startup like us to raise our customers’ awareness levels. So we keep organizing sessions by various domain experts with micro-specialties. This will help customers to stay updated about industry trends and insights.

Network Support.

In case there is a requirement for any product or solutions, guidance and mentoring is also available for the same through our vast, time-tested network of professionals.

From astute advice, guidance, strategy, tie-up opportunities, and humongous scope for  value-addition

Calculate Your Financial Health.

Your financial well-being is about more than your income or credit score. Answer 10 simple questions about how you spend and save — and then see how to improve your financial future.

Finance Management Portal

Stay informed about your investments 24/7 with our dedicated client portal.



Stay informed about your investments 24/7 with our dedicated client portal.

Risk Profiling

With industry-standard parameters, we determine your willingness and ability to take risks for desired returns.

It Aims to balance risk required, risk capacity, and risk tolerance.

Networth Tracker

This feature offers you a structured and balanced view of your assets and liability along with close to perfect assessment of your real net worth. Track all Assets at one place with our planning tool.

Financial Reports

Right from Mutual Funds to Stocks, Fixed/Recurring Deposits, Insurance Policies, PPF, NSC, Tax Free bonds etc. 

Evaluate Your financial position, performance effectively.


Do you guarantee that if I hire you, I will meet my financial goal 100%?

Yes, if you go by the plan, you can achieve your goals.

We even help you with implementation and have weekly monitoring sessions to keep you on track.

Like any plan, if you don’t work towards it, nothing would work. Like a Dietician can only guide you, and you have to eat accordingly to see the results, you also need to act on The Financialist team’s advice.  

What are the things that I should know before selecting a financial planning services in Mumbai?


  • The most important attribute when hiring an asset manager Asset managers and financial advisers are perceived as transparent Financial advisers are seen as well prepared to manage through a financial crisis.
  • Underperformance is the top reason investors would leave their adviser/asset manager Adviser.
  • The proportion of qualified advisers to investors in India is very low and not everyone can afford to pay their fees.
  • A simple test to help you decide on your need to hire a planner is your ability to reach financial goals.
  • At the same time, you need to ensure that the adviser can provide comprehensive services, not just offer tips on the best stocks to invest in.


Who Should Get A Financial Planner?

Individuals and organizations looking to increase revenue, reduce costs, pay off debt, and save for emergencies should get a professional financial planner.

Can I Trust My Financial Planner’s Advice?

we work as  fiduciary investment advisors, i.e. We put Client’s Interests before our own Interests.

With us, you have a relationship that is not commission-based. 

Hence, there is no bias or pressure to sell any particular plan, fund, or company service. We don’t make money selling or reselling any product. 

So you can completely trust the advice. 

How Do your Professional financial planners in Mumbai Create A Financial Plan?

Step 1: Briefing and consultation Session 

Understanding your thought process and knowing the financial goals and aspirations that you wish to attain.

Taking charge of the current financial situation.

Step 2: Customized Plan is prepared

Goal setting and developing a financial plan to manifest your goals.

Step 3: implementation of the plan

Providing you with weekly and monthly tasks to reach closer to the optimum financial situation as per your target. 

Step 4: Weekly Monitoring

We have a structured follow-up system for the smart implementation of a comprehensive financial plan.

Step 5: Periodic Reviews: Weekly reviews and strategic discussions to evaluate the financial plan’s effectiveness and track the progress of the tasks allotted to you and laying the action plan for the coming week.

Still Have Questions?

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